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Our identity



Everything started when we decided to buy our family’s main home. We sought the services of several real estate agencies.

Most agencies were limiting the visits to the properties they had the sales mandate, without asking what we were looking for exactly. Some did not call us back when we left a message to visit one of theirs properties; others, finally, offered us totally unsuitable goods: outside expected sector, services not adapted to the budget, outside global budget, etc…

As we were looking for a property with clearly defined features, we felt that the service offered was not up to our expectations.

After 20 years in the industry in purchasing, marketing and commercial departments of multinational companies (Solectron, Thales Airbone Systems, Johnson Automotive Control Electronics, Volvo & Renault Trucks), I could not imagine a commercial service that wasn’t suited to customer demands, especially because purchasing an apartment or a house is often a key moment in your life.

So I took the decision to create my own real estate agency with the aim of providing an adapted, targeted, qualitative service, with optimal customer care, as I had always done in my professional career.

This real estate agency aims to transpose the managerial and commercial know-how of the industrial sector to the real estate sector, and is based on 5 fundamental principles:

  • professionalism,
  • perseverance and bargaining strength,
  • organization and management,
  • adaptability and responsiveness,
  • the overall total cost vision.

This is how the story of FOCUS IMMO began.


FOCUS IMMO is an independent real estate agency, based in Lyon, which supports all your purchasing and selling projects. Specialized in real estate transactions, our core competencies are availability, adaptability and reactivity for a real tailored service. FOCUS IMMO relies on strong values of transparency and ethics, in a continuous search for customer satisfaction and results oriented.

FOCUS IMMO agency is at your disposal to market and sell your property. We communicate via a wide range of advertising media such as

We aim to create value at each step of the marketing and the commercialization of your property; that’s why we take the time to visit you, listen to you and always use the following analysis and selling process:

  • first contact’s visit,
  • analysis of your property to validate the notice of value,
  • optimization of the value of your property, quality photos,
  • writing ads, selecting broadcast media,
  • visits and reporting until the final sale with the authentic act signature at notary.

We are taking care of you from the start of your project until its achievement.
FOCUS IMMO also proposes a personalized and tailored research service. We take time to listen to you, understand your needs, your research criteria, your lifestyle, the desired localization, your financial requirements, your global budget and the ideal timing of your project.

The human relationship is a fundamental element for us. We are listening to our customers and we are proud to maintain a close relationship with them. Professionalism and empathy are not incompatible in a business relationship.

For all these reasons, and especially because we think you are unique, use our services! We are able to meet your expectations for the achievement of your project.

Contact us by phone at +33.(0) or by email